Begins with the owner accompanying me on a complete walk through of the property. We will note overall first impressions, as I take a mental inventory of what is in the space.  I will address the furniture, accessories, lighting, clutter, color, room focal points, all with goal of making the home market ready.  You will have a complete DIY list of what needs to be done to get your Home Ready to Sell. You may decide at this point if you would like to hire Evansville Home Staging and Re-Design to perform some or all the needed changes and updates.  We have a complete list of Highly recommended Service Providers that we can recommend for services needed that we don’t provide.

Occupied Home Staging

Stage your home to Maximize the selling potential of your Home.  Evansville Home Staging will address the concerns identified in our home consultation.  We will work together get the home in show-ready condition. This would include curb appeal and room transformations with your furnishings and accessories as well as items we supply for staging day photos for use in your marketing efforts.  Recommendations for de-cluttering, packing, cleaning, etc. should be completed before staging day to maximize the benefits. . We can arrange your home with the minimal décor, to make your home more appealing to a larger group of people, using your items or ours. Let us set the stage for a great first impression to get maximum return for your dollars!

Vacant Home Staging

Stage your home to Maximize the selling potential of your Home, Professionally Staged Homes sell 78% faster than a vacant property.  Evansville Home Staging & Re-Design will provide Rental Furniture and Accessories to stage your home for the greatest appeal, creating a Feel Home atmosphere that buyers will want to call their own.  Evansville Home Staging & Re-Design will be there to personally supervise the delivery and pick up of the Rental Furniture and accessories.

Life Style Staging & Merchandising

Advance Staging to sell, by Demographics and Profiles.


Creating a new look for your home, we can focus on certain areas of the home or redesign your entire home.   We can provide this service by using the furnishing you currently have,  or providing a resource for Quality Home Furnishings to update and replace what you have, some clients prefer to have us shop for them to replace certain items over a period of time.  Don’t wait til you are selling your home to get the look you have always wanted.

De-Clutter & Re-Organization

We are able to tell you what things would be best to go ahead and pack up or put in storage, while staging the rest for the maximum effects to focus on the positive and down play the negative.  We can also provide this service for anyone who has accumulated a lot of things over time and just wants to get rid of clutter.  Need to get organized again?! We can set up a system that is realistic and do-able for you, a place for everything and everything in its place.   This makes a great gift!  You can also purchase this service for someone you care about and you know could benefit from it.

Curb Appeal

Make a great first impression!  This is the first thing potential buyers see when walking up to your home and it is critical.  We will make your yard and landscaping appealing to the buyer’s eye.   As any professional Realtor will tell you,  “A well manicured and maintained lawn speaks volumes and significantly increases it’s selling potential, allowing you, the seller, to get the highest possible price.”


If you have furniture or home furnishings that you would like to sell or donate we can handle this for you as well.