What My Customers Have To Say

“Brenda is FANTASTIC at staging homes. When I have recommended her services to my clients, the homes that she has staged have been perfect and ready to be shown. The last home that Brenda staged for me, I had another realtor compliment the home and say that it was beautiful and that he wished he had 10 listings that looked as  good as the home that Brenda staged. This is a home in which she staged over 2000 sq. ft. to help sell! I would recommend Brenda to anyone looking to sell their home or any realtor to recommend to their clients. She does great work, is extremely professional, and my clients have been more than satisfied! I will continue recommending Brenda because her work is truly an art in itself!”Laura Wasson, Wasson Pioneer Realty
“Getting to know Brenda and how she works has been great. She is passionate at what she does and takes a personal interest in each client. Her work definitely helps the Real Estate business by selling homes faster and for more money typically. You will not be disappointed!”Stephanie Parker, ERA Realtor
“Brenda is very personable and likes to get to know her clients in order to meet their needs. It’s the time that she takes to get to know each client and their specific need that ensure’s her success in the staging process. She also does and has lots of ideas for landscaping that can help with that curb appeal. Brenda’s focus on her clients best interest make her the Elite Staging Professional in the Evansville area. And her rates will surprise you! You get a lot for very little cost. Call her today!”Tricia Mischler
“Brenda has been exceptional in providing excellent tips and services for helping stage several homes for customers of mine who are trying to not only sell their homes but receive top dollar for them as well. Brenda is great at what she does and has a real passion for it as well. I would recommend her to anyone who might be interested on how they can make their home a better place to live and reach its full potential.”Mike Reeder with FC Tucker Emge Realtors
“Brenda analyzes her customers needs in a quiet manner studying the colors, design and placement of furniture in various rooms and suggests best ways for the customer to enhance the appearance of his or her home without going to a great deal of expense or simply using what the client has on hand. New ideas are refreshing whether you are staying in your present home or displaying the home to the best advantage to sell. I recommend her service and expertise to anyone.”Mary Anderson